Engineering, Construction, & Planning

Construction of the Pedestrian Promenade

Engineering, Construction & Planning (ECP [Engineering, Construction & Planning] ) provides architectural and engineering design services to the University community, producing estimates of construction costs, and overseeing the performance of the work by licensed and pre-qualified contractors.



The Associate Vice President for Facilities Management is charged with the responsibility for the design, construction and maintenance of the University’s buildings and grounds. To achieve this, the following objectives must be met:

  1. University facilities must be designed, constructed, renovated and maintained in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC [International Building Code] ), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA [National Fire Protection Association] ), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] ).
  2. The design, construction, renovation, maintenance and repair of University facilities must be accomplished in a manner consistent with the University’s master plan, its standards of quality and aesthetics, and environmental health and safety standards.
  3. The public and private investment in the University’s facilities must be protected by providing appropriate control over the manner in which they are maintained and renovated.
  4. The University’s records of its facilities must be kept current.
  5. The work performed on University facilities must be done by qualified tradesmen in accordance with legal requirements.


Policy & Procedures

All non-capital construction, renovation and maintenance of University-owned facilities, and the installation of equipment within those facilities, shall be accomplished under the management and direction of Facilities Management:

  1. Point of contact

    The ECP [Engineering, Construction & Planning] shall be the single point of contact for all University work covered by this policy. Members of the University community wishing to pursue any activity which involves the construction, renovation, maintenance or repair of any University facility shall contact ECP [Engineering, Construction & Planning] to initiate these activities. These may include: procurement of professional design services, including the hiring of architect-engineering firms to prepare plans and specifications for facilities projects; preparation of designs; procurement of labor and materials; and accomplishment of work itself. Questions about feasibility, cost estimates, university procedures, and similar issues should also be directed to ECP [Engineering, Construction & Planning] .

  2. University Departments and Regulatory Agency Contacts

    The ECP [Engineering, Construction & Planning] shall work with other University departments and outside regulatory agencies to develop and implement procedures to ensure full compliance of the design and execution of the work with applicable codes, standards permitting requirements and other University concerns. These contacts shall include, but are not limited to:

  3. Authorizing Staff

    ECP [Engineering, Construction & Planning] shall establish procedures by which other University departments with qualified staff can be authorized to perform certain types of building maintenance and repair. These procedures shall establish the minimum qualifications needed, define the scope of work to be covered; and ensure that permitting requirements are met. Authorizations issued under these procedures must be in writing.

  4. Enforcement

    The director of ECP [Engineering, Construction & Planning] shall ensure that the requirements of this policy are enforced.