Furniture Procurement Process

Engineering, Construction, & Planning


Our Process

Initial Consultation
We will meet with you to determine your needs.

Next Step

Design Concept
We will propose furniture options and provide layouts for approval.

Next Step

Budget Estimate
We will provide a preliminary budget estimate based on the approved conceptual design.

Next Step

Final Design
Once the estimate is approved, the design is finalized with fabric and finish selections.

Next Step

Dealer Quote
Once the design is finalized, we will acquire a quote from one of our furniture dealers.

Next Step

Purchase Order
Once the final quote is received, we will submit it for a PO [Purchase Order] with your funded cost center.

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We will track your order ETA [Estimated Time of Arrival] and be on site to oversee the delivery and installation.

Next Step

If there are defective/damaged items, either during the install or within the warranty period, we’ll submit claims and oversee the resolution.

Furniture FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

How long will it take to receive my furniture?

Leadtimes fluctuate depending on the manufacturer and product, but it typically takes approximately 6-8 weeks once the order is placed to receive the product. If you need to expedite, there are some limited quick-ship options that can be explored.

Can I buy furniture from Wayfair or Amazon?

Furniture must be procured through Facilities Management. Retail furniture companies like Wayfair, Amazon, IKEA, Office Max, etc. do not fabricate the same quality of furniture as the commercial manufacturers we purchase from. We work with vendors that hold commercial warranties and provide products that have passed rigorous industry standard tests for durability and safety. When you do not purchase furniture through one of our preferred dealers, the responsibility of freight claims, warranty claims and installation falls on the end-user. We work with local manufacturer representatives that can assist with issues regarding delivery, install, or product quality and performance. We also need to ensure new furniture isn’t encroaching on proper clearances for egress and accessibility.

Why does it cost so much?

Commercial furniture can be higher in cost due to its quality, so let us know if your budget is tight. We will try our best to propose options that align with your cost expectations, while still meeting our University furniture standards. We also sometimes have furniture in good condition coming out of other projects that are looking for a new home. Just ask!

Is there a furniture catalog I can browse?

There is not, as there are so many different manufacturers that we work with, and each manufacturer has an extensive library of offerings. If you have something in mind, let us know and we can provide options for you.

Can I try out task chairs?

Yes, we have a variety of task chairs available at FM [Facilities Management] that have been popular with our campus end-users. If you’re looking for a new ergonomic task chair, feel free to reach out to schedule a sit test.

If you have any additional furniture-related questions, please contact:

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