Space Surveys

Space Inventory

All public higher education institutions in the state must submit an annual facility inventory report to the THECB [Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board] to fulfill provisions of the Higher Education Coordinating Act of 1965 as amended (codified as Subtitle B, Chapter 61, Texas Education Code, 1971). The amount, type, and use of physical space are components used to determine each institution’s funding. Conducting an annual space survey is the tool used to ensure accuracy in UTD’s reporting.

Administering the Survey

The space survey is administered via Microsoft Excel sheets and Microsoft Outlook email.

Floor Plans

Floor plans can be useful when conducting the survey. Each SIC [Space Inventory Contact] will receive floor plans for their department’s space along with their survey.

Survey Codes

These codes are required to complete the space survey. Each room is assigned at least one of each:

Survey Resources