Physical Plant


Main Campus Facilities Operations

Kevyn Bennett

Kevyn Bennett
Associate Director

Auto Shop. Closeup of a University vehicle.

Auto Shop

Dave Bowers
Automotive Shop Supervisor

The Auto Shop provides maintenance and upkeep for the University’s fleet of vehicles.

Policy UTS157 >
Automobile Insurance Coverage for Officers and Employees and General Requirements for the Use of Vehicles

Vehicles >

Custodial & Recycling. Cleaning and sterilizing a classroom.

Custodial & Recycling

Bron Clayton
Building Services Superintendent

The Custodial & Recycling Team porters the campus during the day; responds to daytime emergencies such as flooding or overflowing water, spills and biohazards; re-cleans and re-stocks restrooms; and is the point of contact (972.883.2177 / for additional trash cans, clean-up for events, non-routine cleaning services and custodial work requests.

In addition, the crew handles waste management, including collection of all recyclable items such as paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, and wood pallets; provides large recycling bins for office clean-outs and desk-side receptacles for faculty and staff; and provides shredding bins for confidential or sensitive documents. Please contact UT Dallas Recycling ( for all recycling information or requests.

During the evening, custodial contractors provide detailed cleaning services such as thoroughly cleaning restrooms, vacuuming and/or mopping floors, dusting furniture, emptying trash cans and recycle bins, cleaning stairwells, waxing corridors, and shampooing carpets. GCA Education Services of Texas Inc provides custodial services to the main campus in Richardson. AHI Small Business Facility Services Inc provides custodial services at the south campus buildings located in Dallas. Please contact UTD Custodial (972.883.2177 / to report an issue or request special services.

Move & Events. Setting up a school’s graduation reception.

Move & Events

The Move and Events team assesses and assists with coordinating and implementing safe, efficient and economical moves and configuring, setting up and tearing down of chairs and tables for events.

Move Support Checklist and Disclaimer (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

Business & Customer Services >

Landscaping & Grounds. Landscaping along the walkways of Margaret McDermott Mall.

Landscaping & Grounds

Dale Bufkin
Landscape Superintendent

In order to provide a pleasant outdoor environment for visitors, students, faculty, and staff, the Landscaping and Grounds Department manages and maintains campus landscaping and outdoor hardware through the coordination of several teams, including the mow crew, detail crew, flower crew, mall crew, irrigation crew, general utility crew, and chemical application crew and greenhouse operations. As a bonus, the grounds crew produces all seasonal color in the greenhouse from seed as well as all mulch and compost from all collected debris from across campus. In the event of severe weather, the team removes fallen trees and debris as well as applies sand and ice melt to campus streets and walkways after ice or snowfall.

Sign & Key Shop. A ring of keys.
Sign & Key Shop Rates * [Rates effective September 1, 2022]
* Rates effective as of September 1, 2022
Hourly Labor Rate $42
Overtime Labor Rate $63
Key $15
Desk / Cabinet Key $15 + Labor Rate
Lock Change (1 Core) $60
Electronic Lock Battery $48
Change Keypad Code $60
Standard Sign (up to 3.75“ x 6“) $30
Standard Sign with Backer $45
Non-Standard Sign Request a Quote

Sign & Key Shop

Mural Speed
Sign & Key Shop Supervisor

The Sign & Key Shop provides signs, keys and building access-related hardware for the campus.

Key requests should be made online through eCat. You will be notified when your key is ready to be picked up at the shop (FM 1.202).

At the time of receipt, you will be asked to sign for your key(s), acknowledging that you agree to the following:

  • Keys remain the property of UT Dallas
  • Keys may not be duplicated
  • Keys may not be transferred to another person
  • Upon separation from UT Dallas, keys will be returned to the University
  • Fee for a lost key is $25
  • Fee to re-key a door due to a lost key is $40

For questions regarding the online key request process, contact For questions regarding key details or policies, contact the shop directly at 972.883.4093. Key Shop hours are 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Electrical. A pair of electricians working on ceiling wiring.


Dwight Rathmell
Electrical Foreman

Located within the shops of Facilities Management the Electrical Team manages and maintains the University’s power systems.

Elevators & Utility Services. Two sets of elevator doors.

Elevators & Utility Services

Matthew Lanty
Electrical Distribution Technician

Located within the shops of Facilities Management, this team manages and maintains the University’s elevators, generators, and meter systems.

Maintenance & Construction. A pair of painters, one on stilts and the other with a long pole, roll paint onto the walls of a hallway.

Maintenance & Construction

Jose Lopez
Construction & Remodel Supervisor

Located in the Facilities Management building, the Maintenance & Construction team updates and renovates building spaces, as well as manages and maintains building upkeep (e.g., windows, ceilings, roofing) and classroom furniture for the University.

Energy Management Services. Water and gas pipes running through a laboratory building.

Energy Management Services

David Cady
EMS [Energy Management Services] Supervisor

The Energy Management Services team manages and maintains the University’s gas and electrical power, water and air conditioning and heating systems.

Utility Shutdown Request (PDF [Portable Document Format File] )

Report Heating & Air Issues: 972.883.2147

Plumbing. Repairing a water fountain.


Jim Chaney
Plumbing Shop Supervisor

Located in Facilities Management building, the Plumbing Team manages and maintains the University’s utilities and plumbing systems.

Research Facilities Operations

Jimmy Morris

Jimmy Morris
Facilities Operations Supervisor - Research

The Research Facilities Operations team handles any maintenance issues or general building inquiries regarding the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory and the Bioengineering and Sciences Building.

Contact if you are encountering any maintenance issues, or if you are experiencing a maintenance emergency, please contact Jimmy Morris ( immediately.

South Campus Facilities Operations

Steve Webb

Steve Webb
Maintenance Superintendent

The South Campus Facilities Operations team handles any maintenance issues or general building inquiries regarding the Callier Center in Dallas, Center for Brain Health, and the Brain Performance Institute.

Contact Steve Webb ( if you are encountering any maintenance issues, or if you are experiencing a maintenance emergency.